Audit & Consulting

Audit & Consulting Services

Phoenix Concordia has a wide range of experience with auditing and consulting within the aviation industry. We can offer help and advice on EASA or national authority audits in a numerous aviation fields or provide assistance in the creation of an EASA approved organisation.

Continuing Airworthiness

Audit and consulting on all aspects of Continuing Airworthiness – Commission Regulation(EU) N° 1321/2014.

We have experts available to assist with:

  • Creation and approval of Part 145/147 organisations including MTOE and MOE
  • Independent Auditing of Part 145/147 organisations
  • Development of compliance and quality procedures
  • Advice on Part 66 and licenses


We can provide assistance with all aspects of ATO and FSTD approval:

  • Creation and approval of an ATO including operations manuals, training manuals from basic to advanced organisations
  • Design and approval of flight training programmes
  • Independent compliance monitoring and auditing of ATO and FSTD organisations
  • Approval and management of FSTDs